About Trout Fishery Blog

Hello fellow anglers and welcome to Trout Fishery! My names Danny and I’ll be guiding you through the wonderful world of fishing. With over 10 years experience in many angling styles I consider myself a qualified novice angler. Not an expert yet, but with enough fishing knowledge to share basic angling tips and tricks with beginners… We all start somewhere after all!

I love a lazy day course fishing, and am not the kind of angler who goes out with the intention of catching big fish. I much more prefer relaxing by the lake, river or canal bank, letting the world speed by and connect with mother nature on a more meditative spiritual level. Fishing for me isn’t a hardcore sport, but a gentleman’s past time and hobby… Robson Green has nothing to fear!

Based in the midlands, I’m blessed with rich fishing grounds, and a wide variety of target species. However, my favorite fish to catch (at the moment) are perch. There’s just something about the attitude of perch I feel a connection with. That, being said I get a full on adrenaline rush catching any type of fish, but prefer the plucky underdog species. I’ve tried my hand at carp fishing, and even though it was fun, everything is a little too serious for my liking.

My future fishing plans include traveling around the UK and angling in new unexplored locations. It’s a great way to get my middle aged body outdoors, get some fresh air and do a little exercise. The fishing is just the cherry on top! I’ll be taking tons of photos and taking notes about each new location, and will share what I’ve found on Trout Fishery. Oh, I may also blog about trout fishing, given the websites name, but I’m just not that organized I’m afraid.